My Ideas

Let's start from the end - chances are that the initial idea will not lead to a company that will eventually arise. Most start-ups change direction many times until they find the right path.​

It is important to come up with a great vision, which you believe in from the moment you get up in the morning until you fall asleep, and be ready to examine yourself and correct the route all the time, within your vision. To do this, it is important not to fall in love with the concept, be flexible and quick, and constantly look at data, listen to the staff, talk about the matter itself - product success metrics such as usage metrics, downloads, satisfaction, purchasing rates, and renewal options. If the product does not work - just change. And you have to remember that it takes a long time for a company to be built. It's not a matter of five or seven years.

Check if it exists

A thorough market study is an iron rule before embarking. Here's the secret ?? There will always be someone to think of something similar, but it will not be exactly your idea. What's more, your idea, at the launch stage, will no longer be exactly the same idea you had at first. And by the time you reach the product stage, the idea will change again - here the market will be the one that will determine how it will look.

But it is always good for someone to be there before you, so you can see what competitors are doing and what your advantage is about them. In the end, both Pepsi and her voice are available, both for Facebook and for Twitter. In the past year, for example, there have been quite a few matchmaking applications, all of which have similar engines. The introduction is made possible only after the two sides say they are involved. Tinder is the largest, but there are also Hing, Bang and Wynde Friends and more. How do you survive next to competitors? Find uniqueness. Whether it's in the business model, the marketing, or the target audience.

There are several patent databases on the Internet that can be used for patent searches, the most prominent of which are:

  • Google Patents: This patent database belongs to the Google search engine and contains all the advanced features of Google that are applied to the patent documents. The patents are from the United States, Europe, and dozens of other countries. You can also search for pictures or drawings from the patents.

  • The European Patent Office: The database contains tens of millions of patents from 90 patent authorities around the world. Here, too, you can search by keywords, patent number, name of the submitter, patent classification, etc. When the query is completed, a list of relevant patents is obtained.

  • The International Patent Search Site: The database contains 43 million international patent applications, and can be searched according to the fields in the other databases.

  • The Israeli patent site: The Patent Authority database contains updated information about patents submitted in Israel and enables search of the database using various characteristics. You can search advanced search by patent classification, patent status, name of the applicant, date of submission, etc.

It is crucial to carry out a comprehensive information survey that includes: patent publications and other publications so that we know our location on the technological "map" in terms of innovation, which is the most important indicator that will affect the success of our enterprise in the future.

Why You?

To understand exactly how your idea goes to work, you should have an idea of ​​whether it is a product or a service. In any case your idea will probably work on a mobile device / computer, so every meeting of your product / service / application with a client - will be on a screen. To understand how many screens you need and how many actions your client should perform in each interaction with your idea?

Someone (usually a property) should plan how many screens will be and how they will look. Then a designer will enter the picture (sometimes the designer and the feature are the same person). Among the things that will explode at this stage - what will be on each screen, what will be the order of the screens and what size will each button. It will challenge you. This will annoy you. But it will make you converge around the true essence of your idea.

Don't Fall In Love With Your Idea

Now there is something in the hands ?? Until programming this is a draft, and after programming it is a pilot / beta. In this time you will start to meet the reality: If you are going to start a business and launch a product, behind which stands a company that knows how to work (whether it is based on freelancers or you have dozens or hundreds of employees), it is important to know how to operate people and differentiate between what is important and even necessary for the product What's nice is.

So how do you distinguish between what is "nice" and what "owe"? In order to survive the difficulties and establish a successful venture, many areas of skill are required, and almost always some skill is lacking - managing people, building a business plan, meeting goals, technological characterization, programming, design, evolution of ideas, marketing, It is important to be able to make and make decisions. Those who do not make decisions - the market will accept them for him, and this is not a good place to be. Define in advance what are the roles of each and every one, what is the decision-making process, who is involved in it, and who decides in moments of disagreement: between designers and programmers, between marketing and finance, between investors and the CEO.