My Ideas

Sending monkeys to space

The first monky astronaut was Sami, a rhesusmonkey, who on June 11, 1948, rode to over 63 km on a very big rocket. Sami died of suffocation during the flight. Sami was followed by Sami Davis J who survived the launch but died on impact on June 14, 1949, after a parachute failure. Monkeys later flew on other rockets. On April 18, 1951 Susu died due to parachute failure. Semo, anther ape reached 72 km and survived the landing. Sisi and Mimi, two gorillas, flew on 1952, and survived, but their flight was only to 26 kilometers

I think we can do more than that. It's time to send the monkeys out again!

Improve shopping experience

Brick-and-mortar stores, be they major retail outlets or grocers  taking steps to improve the in-store experience, to motivate people to venture outside their homes and stop in-store. Easy to get what you need delivered to your front door and stay home. Improving the in-store experience should serve as motivation.

Today’s newer location-based advertising business models allow the stores to get better at everything. You can even track your own foot traffic volume and media attention data  with the customers coming in and out of your store. 

Train employees to focus on the customer experience and treat the products they sell as souvenirs or gifts. Engage staff that is happy to work for you and should be well versed in store policies  to provide better customer service. 

Optimize the number of players involved in their delivery channel through mobile and desktop. Improve data sharing with the suppliers and help prevent profit margins from shrinking further. Sell merchandise to outdoor enthusiasts  each with a specific guest need in mind.

Content creation also inspires shopping experience with friends and family Making it even more fun to linger over that tie selection. Retailers have an innate advantage here because they’re steeped in passion points that no mass brand can match.

Business Most Intelligence 

Innovations in the realm of artificial intelligence have already deviated from the science fiction world, but first of all we would like to present an area that looks similar on the face but has completely different aspects. Do you have knowledge and you are looking for ideas for start-ups? You should be familiar with BI. In this area, customers are actually large companies or global organizations that want to make more informed, faster, and more profitable use of the knowledge available to the organization and its databases.

More informed use of information, while systematic analysis of the large amount of information available in the organization and its employees, is not a simple matter because of the mountain of data and the difficulty of drawing correct conclusions. Tools that support data collection and analysis are expected to be sought and information mining technology can give developers impressive success.
Ideas for start-ups - artificial intelligence

If you want to start a successful Israeli start-up and you have high motivation and knowledge, artificial intelligence is definitely a good idea to start from. Already, various companies are engaged in various developments in the field of artificial intelligence, with applications in this field almost endless. Artificial intelligence may help in the future more and more uses in entertainment, business, military technologies. It is possible that the development of software and applications that can not only mimic people's way of thinking but also make suggestions themselves and even be self-conscious is not imaginary or so far from the current reality.

Security and Cyber

A good idea for a start-up will almost certainly bring success to the fundraising aspect of a start-up. This is true of course provided that the idea can be made available through technological developments, new applications or improved algorithms. One of the fastest growing sectors of the past few years, a field that is expected to grow significantly in the foreseeable future, and probably in the distant future is the security of information and cyber.

Almost every person, organization and even country is under various threats. Even acts of terror and wartime actions take place in a technological context, with potential for destruction and damage to infrastructure and human life. There are also companies that appeal to a particular niche, as well as companies that strive to provide better information security to a large number of users worldwide. This field is far from being exhausted. In light of the culture of threats, high quality developments in the civilian, security, military or business sectors are expected to be very successful.


There is no doubt that there are many other areas where successful start-ups can be developed. Among others, in the fields of medicine and chemistry, car safety, information search technologies. However, the development of a successful start-up can certainly be taken into consideration even in the seemingly light field of culture, entertainment or games. New models of profitability have succeeded in recent years in leading app developers and games whose purpose is to show entertainment and huge profits. Although the success of Kennedy Crash has almost been forgotten in the light of the buzz created by the Pokemon craze, things are clear. Anyone who succeeds in thinking about an idea and who will succeed in developing an entertainment application or game that will sweep the masses is expected to succeed.

Auto Reply

 There is this in the email and on the answering machine, why not automatically answer SMS messages? Last week I returned from my annual vacation. Everyone who sent me an email knew I'd gone, so was everyone who called. But the SMS continued to pile up in the box, and I went out wrong that I did not answer. Auto respond could save some small unpleasantness.

Remote Attractions


I am what I call confused. I often forget the cellular phone on the living room table and go out to save the world, stubbornly fighting terror and other occupations. When I'm out of the house, I can read the emails coming and pull messages from the voice mailboxes. Why can not I pull SMS messages?

Blocking Calls


There are not many things that are more annoying than junk mail. The truth is that there is, but that's not the point here. Why can not I flag certain senders as junkies? Why can not I block all the speakers who send me all the pips their minister makes? Why do I have to get all the idiotic messages that invite me to parties where my feet will not step unless I aim a gun at my temple?

If I want to coordinate rehearsals with my band, I can send the same message to 5 recipients, but from here on I have to deal with each of them separately, and believe me that this is a certain inconvenience. Why can not we have conference calls via SMS, as we do in the email and like we can do on the phone?