This is my first blog post about NBA fantasy. YEEEEEEE

NBA season is over and the draft is just around the corner. It's time to talk about prospects and chances. The challenge for teams (and us) is to identify which ones. Being able to identify the next big thing that will grow to be Labron or Kawai... that's the challenge.

Unfortunately, a serious injury he suffered after the camp completely derailed his sophomore season. Considering the type of injury he was playing through, it seems like holding his 3-point shooting numbers against him doesn't make a great deal of sense after he made jumpers as a freshman while showing good shooting mechanics. He has plenty going for him already in terms of his measurements and potential, this is another factor teams will likely want to consider in terms of projecting.

the NBA is most actively seeking and then figure out which players. The professional approach to the game, toughness and overall intangibles will be appreciated by teams, and that should allow him to earn a roster spot and eventually find his niche on teams that put an emphasis on culture.

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